The 17 Present a Concert of Lyle Stutzman’s Compositions and Arrangements

Last summer while Lyle and Maria and their children were staying at our house for a convention and wedding, Jeff and I suggested to them that we get a group together to record his a cappella pieces for his new website, Blue Sky Music.  Human voices are so much better than a midi file!  Lyle said he would come conduct if we got a group together.  The result is “The 17”.  

Since we will be recording on Saturday and will all be together anyway, we figured we might as well have a concert Sunday afternoon.  There are also rumors of a Saturday evening flash mob.  Stay posted for more information on that one.  🙂 

-Deana and Jeff Swanson

The 17

Soprano – Sierra Herr, Lisa Martin, Katherine Mullet, Cari Nolt, Louisa Seapy

Alto – Rosalie Beiler, Laura Conley, Deana Swanson, Esther Swartzentruber

Tenor – Chuck Burkholder, Dan Miller, Jesse Weaver, Derrick Yoder

Bass – Lavelle Beiler, John Strickler, Jeff Swanson, Linden Wadel