When is AOC 2024?

Anabaptist Orchestra Camp will be held Thursday evening, August 8 through Sunday afternoon, August 11, 2024.

Where is AOC 2024?

Rehearsals will be held at Legacy Christian School in Sugarcreek, Ohio, and the concert will be held at the Dover High School in Dover, Ohio.

What is the schedule for AOC 2024?

  • Thursday evening–Registration from 5:00-6:30 P.M. EDT, followed by sectional rehearsals, full orchestra rehearsal, and snack.
  • Friday and Saturday–Chapel, rehearsals, workshops, sectional and personal practice times.
  • Sunday–Morning worship, group and personal practice time, concert at 3:30 P.M. (free and open to the public).

How old must I be to attend AOC?

Players must be at least 14 years old. Players 14 to 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult family member (18 or older) or an adult orchestra member assigned by the parents for this responsibility. An adult family member who accompanies a young player should register as a nonparticipating family member.

Do I qualify to come?

AOC is open to anyone who has completed any level of instruction on an orchestral instrument (strings, woodwinds, or brass). All instrumentalists need to be able to read and play the music with reasonable accuracy by camp time.  You can determine for yourself how much you need to practice ahead of time and whether or not you will be able to have the music mostly mastered by camp time. We want to make this a good weekend for you and don’t want you feeling overwhelmed with the music.

Click on the instrument buttons below to see samples of “Jesu Joy,” which represents the average skill level we will be playing that weekend. This is only a representative piece. You do not need to learn this piece for orchestra camp.

Alto Sax

  Cello   Flute   Bassoon   Trombone


  Viola   Violin I   Violin II

What is the cost of attending AOC?

Registration (due with online enrollment form)
Early Registration: $20
Starting May 1: $30
Starting July 1: $40

Tuition: $85

Meals: $55

Lodging: $12 per night per adult (13 and older) and $6 per night per child (3-12).

Music is provided at no charge but must be returned at the end of camp.

Nonparticipating Adult Enrollment Fee: $55
Nonparticipating Child Enrollment Fee: $25
Because of limited space, only one nonparticipating adult may register per family.  See the “May I Bring Visitors?” section below for more information.

When will I receive the music?

Music will be available for download after you register. The confirmation email will contain a link to the repertoire.

How should I prepare for camp?

If you are not regularly playing your instrument, begin getting in musical shape as soon as your application is accepted. Much of the weekend is spent in rehearsal, and you will need physical endurance to last through the rehearsals well as to play your best at the concert. Get your embouchure or bowing arm in shape through lots of practice before the weekend.

Orchestra camp will also be more enjoyable the better you know the music. Please do take the time to practice, write in fingerings, and work on tricky parts before camp.

What supplies should I bring?

Your instrument, music stand, black music folder, pencils and related items for rehearsal and performance. Label everything that you want returned to you if you leave it behind.

Where will I stay?

If you plan your own lodging, you decide where to stay. If we plan your lodging for you, you will stay with a host within 30 minutes from camp.

Is there a dress code?


Men, please:
Wear full-length pants or jeans in nice condition (not distressed).
Wear shirts with sleeves.
Wear shoes (no sandals or flip-flops).

Concert attire
White, long-sleeved dress shirts (no ties)
Black dress pants
Black belt, socks, and dress shoes

Women, please:
Wear dresses, jumpers, or skirts of modest length for sitting (no slits).
Avoid excessively short sleeves and low necklines.
Wear shoes or sandals (no flip-flops).

Concert attire
Solid black dresses or comparable same-fabric two-piece outfits
Wear a veil or head covering.
Black dress shoes

How can families participate?

Families are welcome and encouraged to attend camp, especially if there are several participating musicians in the family; however, only three families will be allowed to sign up to attend all scheduled camp activities. All other families are welcome to come to the dress rehearsal on Saturday evening and the concert on Sunday afternoon. Please contact Carmen at info@orchestracamp.info for more information and details.

May I bring visitors?

Visitors are welcome to attend the dress rehearsal on Saturday evening, but only nonparticipating adults or preregistered families are allowed to visit the camp the rest of the time. All nonparticipants are expected to follow proper etiquette which includes silencing all digital devices and sitting quietly during rehearsals.

For more information, please address inquiries as follows:

Stringed instruments or repertoire:
Sarah Sommers

Woodwinds, brass, or repertoire:

Jeff Swanson

Registration, schedule, or program details:
Carmen Yoder

Other general information or inquiries:
Carmen Yoder