Busy, Busy Bees

(Please listen to The Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky-Korsakov while you read this.)

The AOC staff has been working behind the scenes for months preparing for our upcoming practices and concerts in August. Sarah Sommers works behind the scenes choosing music, marking bowings, and helping with registration. She also helps serve at our annual themed banquet.

Our conductors, Jeff Swanson (orchestra) and Wendell Glick (brass, winds, & percussion) are perusing their scores getting ready to lead us all in a few weeks.

Deana Swanson keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes– booking venues, securing support staff, communicating with the planning committee and board, and keeping us all on schedule.

We are all looking forward to being making lovely music together in about just eight weeks.

Photos by Double Vision – Faith and Fonda Showalter