Three More Days!

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Registration Opens April...

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The Classy Clarinets

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The clarinet is a woodwind instrument with a delightfully mellow sound. The Anabaptist Orchestra clarinetists are not only classy; they’re also lots of fun to be...

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Rooty-Toot Toot: the Flutes!

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The flute is the second highest-pitched woodwind instrument in the orchestra. (A miniature version of the flute, the piccolo, is the highest.) This year, the Anabaptist Orchestra had eight...

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Simple Gifts

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Here is our version of Simple Gifts, an old Shaker hymn, presented with our simple...

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Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal (and the Piano)

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There are two more instruments that are technically part of the string family: the harp and the piano. The Anabaptist Orchestra is blessed to have both. All photographs courtesy of Faith and Fonda...

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Mellow Cellos

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The cellists are really a fun, mellow bunch to be around. The cello is also the closet instrument in sound to the human voice; the sound of a cello absolutely gorgeous. In the string family, the cello would be the “tenor”...

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