Announcing the 30 Days of Practice Challenge!

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Announcing the 30 Days of Practice Challenge! Print this out and color in one circle for every 30 minutes that you practice between now and our first rehearsal on Aug. 11th. For every circle completed, you’ll get a ticket to be entered in our prize drawings, held twice a day during orchestra camp. Yay! 30DaysPracticeAOCDownload

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Registration is Still Open!

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Registration is still open at The music is lovely, the fellowship is sweet, and the food is good. Come join us!

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Practice, Practice, Practice! Within hours of registering, you will receive an email with a link to download your music. Then, you can start practicing! Apply for orchestra camp, August 11-14, in Holmes County, Ohio, here: .

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We’re Making Plans. Ole!

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We’ve been waiting two years for the next orchestra camp coming up in August 11-14, 2022, in Holmes County, Ohio. We’ve got a spacious school to rehearse in and a lovely new auditorium rented for the concert on Sunday afternoon. The music has mostly been chosen, and we are gearing up to open registration on April 1st. We are excited and can’t wait to make beautiful music together again. If you play an instrument, we hope you will join us. We also have a few other things up our sleeves . . . .

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A Lament and a Fermata

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The planning committee for the Anabaptist Orchestra has reluctantly decided to postpone the 10th anniversary gathering and concerts to 2022 because of the continued restrictions related to Covid-19.  We desire to be respectful of the government mandates and individual participant’s views, and feel that with the restrictions in place that it would be difficult to have a “normal” orchestra camp.  In lieu of the camp this year, we will be providing access to a folder with several pieces that the orchestra has purchased.  We are...

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Looking Forward to Making Music Together Again

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The Anabaptist Orchestra committee is still making plans and hoping that we can all make music again together in August of 2021. In the meantime, keep listening to beautiful music, practicing your instrument, playing Blokus, eating chocolate chip cookies, and having quality “secret time.”

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Memories . . . .

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While we are all awaiting the return of large group gatherings, we can enjoy the good memories. Memories of pizza parties after the program, memories of being together talking and laughing, memories of playing beautiful music together, and memories of playing AOC’s favorite game, Blokus. So, in the meantime, we will recall the good times spent together, and look forward to being together again next year.

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We’re Taking a Break

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Sadly, we have deemed it wise to postpone our grand 10th anniversary celebration to next year, 2021. (And it will be grand :-). Please put the date on your calendars: Aug. 13-15, 2021. Until then, keep practicing!

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Wave the Stick Around Until the Music Stops, Then Turn Around and Bow

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Jeff Swanson and Lyle Stutzman are the conductors of the Anabaptist Orchestra, and they do a lot more than just wave their arms around. They keep us playing together, and keep us happy with their smiles, silly comments, and funny stories. We are so happy we have them. We’d fall apart without them, literally.

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Not Drummers — Percussionists, Thank You

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The timpani, bass drum, snare drum, orchestra bells and other assorted instruments that are played by striking something against something else make up the percussion family. Remember, they are not drummers — they are percussionists.

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