Memories . . . .

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While we are all awaiting the return of large group gatherings, we can enjoy the good memories. Memories of pizza parties after the program, memories of being together talking and laughing, memories of playing beautiful music together, and memories of playing AOC’s favorite game, Blokus. So, in the meantime, we will recall the good times spent together, and look forward to being together again next...

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We’re Taking a Break

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Sadly, we have deemed it wise to postpone our grand 10th anniversary celebration to next year, 2021. (And it will be grand :-). Please put the date on your calendars: Aug. 13-15, 2021. Until then, keep...

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Wave the Stick Around Until the Music Stops, Then Turn Around and Bow

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Jeff Swanson and Lyle Stutzman are the conductors of the Anabaptist Orchestra, and they do a lot more than just wave their arms around. They keep us playing together, and keep us happy with their smiles, silly comments, and funny stories. We are so happy we have them. We’d fall apart without them,...

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Not Drummers — Percussionists, Thank You

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The timpani, bass drum, snare drum, orchestra bells and other assorted instruments that are played by striking something against something else make up the percussion family. Remember, they are not drummers — they are...

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The Brass Section

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The brass section adds a lot of color — and a lot of volume — to the orchestra. Left to right the instruments are a trombone, a French horn, a baritone, another French horn, a tenor saxophone, and another trumpet. The tenor saxophone is not a brass instrument, but he plays the brass parts, so that’s where he goes. Yay for brass! REGISTRATION IS OPEN ! ! ! Look under...

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The Oboes: Duck Calls in the Orchestra

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The Anabaptist Orchestra was blessed to have two oboes this past year. The oboe is a member of the woodwind family. This instrument has a double reed, and this is the same way that the sound of a duck call is made. The oboe was used for the musical theme of the duck in Peter and the Wolf. But our oboes, of course, sound like very elegant, graceful ducks, with beautiful singing voices. Quack,...

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Registration Opens TOMORROW!

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And, if larger groups are not permitted to meet in August because of the virus, full refunds will be given. So go ahead and sign...

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Three More Days!

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Registration Opens April...

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