The Classy Clarinets

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The clarinet is a woodwind instrument with a delightfully mellow sound. The Anabaptist Orchestra clarinetists are not only classy; they’re also lots of fun to be...

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Rooty-Toot Toot: the Flutes!

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The flute is the second highest-pitched woodwind instrument in the orchestra. (A miniature version of the flute, the piccolo, is the highest.) This year, the Anabaptist Orchestra had eight...

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Simple Gifts

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Here is our version of Simple Gifts, an old Shaker hymn, presented with our simple...

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Hark! I Hear the Harps Eternal (and the Piano)

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There are two more instruments that are technically part of the string family: the harp and the piano. The Anabaptist Orchestra is blessed to have both. All photographs courtesy of Faith and Fonda...

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Mellow Cellos

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The cellists are really a fun, mellow bunch to be around. The cello is also the closet instrument in sound to the human voice; the sound of a cello absolutely gorgeous. In the string family, the cello would be the “tenor”...

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Violas are Great!

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Violas are Great!

The violists are a lovely addition to the orchestra. The violas have a mellow sound; it’s a bit lower and darker than that of a violin. Kristen Sommers Weaver is the viola section leader for the Anabaptist...

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Do You Know What It Means to Be a Second Violin?

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The second violins are a very important part of an orchestra. They usually play in harmony with the first violins, a sort of “altoish” part if you will. Led by section leader Sarah Sommers (who usually doesn’t dress this way), the second violins add a festive touch to the orchestra. Sarah is also on the orchestra planning committee and chooses much of the...

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First, the First Violins

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Look closely, and you will see what their instruments spell. They usually get the melody, and they are just a nice group of people. Led by concert mistress Joanna Hostetler, the first violins probably play more notes during one concert than anyone else in the orchestra. All photos compliments of Faith and Fonda...

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The Rest . . . Is History

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The 2019 Anabaptist Orchestra Camp in Ohio was a delightful success, and we are already planning for the 2020 concert which will also be in Ohio. Thanks to everyone who participated and assisted us in so many ways. Making music with you all was a wonderful experience. All photographs were taken by Double Vision – Faith and Fonda...

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