10th Anniversary of the Anabaptist Orchestra

All photos were taken by Faith and Fonda Showalter of Double Vision Photography.

This year we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Anabaptist Orchestra. It began in Elnora, Indiana, at Elnora Bible Institute in 2011 with twenty instrumentalists. Lloyd Kauffman and Lyle Stutzman were the conductors, and they played in a small classroom that eventually was enlarged to make the current EBI chapel. Since then, we’ve grown to around 80 instrumentalists. We presented awards to members who have been a part of the orchestra for five (above), and ten years (below).

Above, Lloyd Kauffman directs the first version of the Anabaptist Orchestra in 2011. Below is the 2022 Anabaptist Orchestra.

Below, we also enjoyed a slideshow with photos from all ten years.