Registration for the 2018 Anabaptist Orchestra Camp is Open!

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August 9-12th, 2018 Elnora Bible Institute, Elnora, Indiana ...

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Mendelssohn’s Fifth Symphony – the Reformation Symphony

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Lyle Stutzman conducts the fourth movement of Mendelssohn’s Fifth Symphony, often called the Reformation Symphony.  You should hear “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” in there a few times. Registration opens soon!  Camp will be held August 9-12th in Elnora, Indiana.  ...

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The Artsy Cellos aka The Photo Bombers Will Soon Be Dating

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The cello is the instrument closest to the human voice.  Maybe that is why it is so beautiful to hear.  Registration opens on April the 1st — no foolin’.   Oh, and look in the background.   How cute.   Maybe they should date?  ...

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Happy, Harmonious Hoosiers

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Seven instrumentalists from Indiana were represented at the 2017 Anabaptist Orchestra concert.  The music has been chosen for the 2018 season and is in the process of being scanned.  Registration opens soon!  ...

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Happy Holidays from the Anabaptist Orchestra!

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  This is an arrangement of O Holy Night and Carol of the Bells.  Enjoy!      

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This weekend The 17 will present a concert of Lyle Stutzman’s compositions and arrangements, conducted by Lyle himself.  The repertoire will consist of songs from the above list.  If there is one you’d really like to hear, please let us know.  For more information visit Blue Sky Music’s website or Facebook page.   Sunday, December 3rd at 2:00 p.m. Calvary Mennonite Fellowship 280 Pleasant Valley Rd. East Earl, PA ...

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The 17 Present a Concert of Lyle Stutzman’s Compositions and Arrangements

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Last summer while Lyle and Maria and their children were staying at our house for a convention and wedding, Jeff and I suggested to them that we get a group together to record his a cappella pieces for his new website, Blue Sky Music.  Human voices are so much better than a midi file!  Lyle said he would come conduct if we got a group together.  The result is “The 17”.   Since we will be recording on Saturday and will all be together anyway, we figured we might as well have a concert Sunday afternoon.  There are also rumors of a Saturday evening flash mob.  Stay posted for more information on that one.  🙂  -Deana and Jeff Swanson The 17 Soprano – Sierra Herr, Lisa Martin, Katherine Mullet, Cari Nolt, Louisa Seapy Alto – Rosalie Beiler, Laura Conley, Deana Swanson, Esther Swartzentruber Tenor – Chuck Burkholder, Dan Miller, Jesse Weaver, Derrick Yoder Bass – Lavelle Beiler, John Strickler, Jeff Swanson, Linden Wadel...

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Many Hands Make Light Work

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We do eat well at orchestra camp.  Thus, there are over one hundred dishes, glasses, and numerous forks, knives and spoons which need washing three times a day.  Volunteering for kitchen duty is not just a privilege, it is actually fun.  ...

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Woodwind Art Thingy

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During the concert, the winds and brass play a few pieces by themselves while the strings (violins, etc.) take a break; then the strings play a few selections while the winds and brass take a break.   This is what some of the woodwind players decided to do on their break.  Instruments left to right are as follows:  3 flutes, 2 clarinets, 1 bassoon, 2 oboes, an alto saxophone, and another flute....

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